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Jungle Endurance

Episodic Web Film
Global Ford Ranger

A Thailand jungle on the border of Burma...24 nonstop hours of high RPM and constant heat under extreme conditions…and a global Ford Ranger midsize pickup truck…


This is where the control of science meets the unrelenting entro­py of the real world.


This jungle course presents a great variable – one that makes the outcome of the test anything but sure.  The test pushed the envelope of the Ranger’s capability, but with understated confidence that the engineering of the truck would become evident as it meets the challenge.


Ford engineers measured every response and processed every new wrinkle as it developed during the 24-hour testing of Ranger’s heat management through an advanced engine cooling system, putting the engine components under great stress including the hauling of up to six tons by the end of this extreme endurance test. 


All the data points were captured as they emerged through customized on-set photography, clearly defining rich motion graphics realized in post-production for this episodic campaign of four web films.


Directed by Louis Koerner of Luminary Films.  All editorial, graphics, color, sound and music by Therapy Studios.


The Science of Tough.

Quarry Haul

Episodic Web Film
Global Ford Ranger

Deep in a massive limestone quarry in northern Thailand…


Can the global Ford Ranger haul as much raw rock in one day as a large quarry hauler?


Raw limestone is big, heavy, sharp and dangerous. This is why a rock quarry is the perfect environment to show off the massive low-end torque and towing power of the Ranger.  As the truck blazes up and down the quarry road for hours racing the sun, the steep grade will push the truck to it’s limits as it tows thousands of kilos of knife sharp, dark-gray rock from the quarry.


Motion graphics mined from the real-time data of the strain gauges and diagnostic gear show the amount of torque happening during each pull to test the Ranger to extreme limits.


The Science Of Tough episodic campaign of four web films offers a unique opportunity to demonstrate the global Ford Ranger’s engineering and performance advantages through a series of real-world “super experiments” that go far beyond the com­fort of the proving ground.


Directed by Nick Peterson of Luminary Films.  All editorial, graphics, color, sound and music by Therapy Studios.


Tough Done Smarter.